how to stop shiny object syndrome and focus on one thing

This video,, can also be seen at object syndrome has always been a thing, but it works in perfect harmony.. One test asked subjects to focus on shapes of one color and.arnoldmmager. I am Arnold M. Mager, Pediatrician at Saint Anthony Hospital – Chicago. Love health, health wellness, pain, vitamins, and children.It seems to be a trend that’s growing: small business owners are getting distracted by too many ideas or the latest fad, going off in a million directions and never completing anything. This loss of focus is costing you hundreds of hours a year in lost productivity, lost hours, lost dollars. It even has a name: SOS – Shiny Object Syndrome. It’s.Funny thing – I WAS ALSO trying to decide of the program was for ME! So I took the opportunity to use my own process of deciding was it a distraction or not (and helping my client) and face the Shiny Object directly. In this episode we talk about: 3 ways shiny object syndrome can crop up in your average day as an online entrepreneurAt its core, shiny object syndrome (SOS) is a disease of distraction, and it affects entrepreneurs specifically because of the qualities that make them unique. entrepreneurs tend to be highly motivated. They crave new technology and new developments. And they aren’t afraid to start new projects and create new things.How to Kill the Curse of Shiny Object Syndrome Forever By Heather Stephens Hey there, I’m Heather Stevens from Wise Owl Marketing, and today I’ve got a really important video for you.Entrepreneurs are especially prone to shiny-object syndrome. After all, we have a lot on our plates, we love new people, we’re always on the hunt for the next big idea. But this is where we can.That’s why "You need to focus" is invaluable advice for every entrepreneur. Here’s how I apply that advice to my business: Narrow Your scope unfocused entrepreneurs suffer from "shiny thing syndrome .Do You Suffer From The Shiny Object Syndrome?. The only way to end this is to recognize the problem and give yourself a chance and focus in one thing til you see RESULTS!. What is the most.