how to wear an ostomy belt by stealth belt

Stealth Belt also offers a belt for those than prefer to where their ostomy bag horizontally (madness, I hear you say!). Obviously, this is only an option for people that wear a two-piece system that actually allows for it to move into a horizontal position.The Stealth Belt Pro features a size adjustable waist band with a secure double locking closure system, and zippered pouch compartment. It is custom designed to be a sleek, stylish, and comfortable way to support and conceal your ostomy appliance.A belt is used to secure the position of the barrier for extra security. The Brava Belt is made of soft and comfortable material, and is discreet to wear. The belt comes in both a standard and XL size, which are adjustable so you can find the right fit for your body.EXPERT VERDICT: A stoma is an opening on the abdomen connected to either the digestive or urinary system to allow waste to be.All three belts are worn the same way: You place the belt around your waist and fasten the Velcro closures to your comfort. You feed the ostomy bag through the hole in the back of the belt. You adjust the ostomy bag while it’s in the belt either by unzipping the bottom or manually adjusting with your hands.stealth belt pro is perfect for all activities including casual wear and daily use after surgery to help get you back to your life. The Stealth Belt Pro is Suitable For: General Daily Use, Swimming, Surfing, and Biking. Comfort Style Band The Band Belt is an easy slip-on style that is ideal for leisure and sleeping.DesignWear Simplicity Ostomy Support Belt is a single piece ostomy support belt with pouch that is light-weight, quick drying, low-absorb, with unique graphic designs & prints, and is custom made to fit as any urostomy, ileostomy, or colostomy bag belt.MultiWear Ostomy Belt Guide This page can be utilized to learn how to measure to order your MultiWear Ostomy Support Belt for the best fit & function: All PouchWear Premium Custom Collection products are fully custom made using the information & preferences chosen during checkout.

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